Gathering is a 60-minute virtual encounter at the intersection of performance art and social interaction. Responding to isolation during a global quarantine and the resulting destruction of the already precariously-positioned performing arts in the United States, Gathering offers a way to safely come together to bear witness to ourselves and the present moment.


Gathering presents a multiracial, multi generational cast of performers and educators from across the country who appear in a series of zoom rooms. In these rooms--each open for only minutes—small groups of audience members gather to share stories and photos, learn movement material, direct and create with the performers, play games and meditate.


Creatively harnessing virtual meeting technology, Gathering is an online structure for social interaction and connection that transcends the possibilities offered by historical social-experiential works and by 21st-century theater art: inclusion, access and potential impact are increased via the collapse of “public” and “private” spheres through interaction within the homes of performers and participants. During a pandemic and post-pandemic reality, we offer the power of coming together through art, from home, without the exclusionary trappings of the price, spaces and social codes of theaters and galleries. 

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