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Gathering is a 60-minute virtual, interactive, audience participation event. Responding to sensations of isolation in quarantine, Gathering is an attempt to reimagine the possibilities of the performing arts. In small groups, participants are guided through a series of 4-minute zoom breakout rooms. In each of these rooms participants engage with  performers and fellow participants, breaking the fourth wall and connecting us all in real time.

Creatively harnessing virtual meeting technology, Gathering is an online structure for social interaction and connection that transcends the possibilities offered by historical social-experiential works and by 21st-century theater art: inclusion, access and potential impact are increased via the collapse of “public” and “private” spheres through interaction within the homes of performers and participants. We offer the power of coming together through art, from home, without the exclusionary trappings of the price, spaces and social codes of theaters and galleries. 


All performance events are donation based.


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